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  • Application Process

    You can apply to live at KSR any time of the year. After applying, you will be invited for a tour and interview. Offers are made as early as possible and will happen at different times across the year, depending on the number of applications already received – so get your application in!

    • Have a look through the information on the website.
    • Complete the online application form – there is no cost involved in applying
    • You will then be invited to attend an interview.
    • Having sent in your application, you and, if possible, your parents will be invited to tour the Residence. You will then be interviewed by the Manager.
    1. OFFERS
    • Finishing off Year 12, deciding which course to study, and preparing to leave home is stressful enough. We understand that taking away the uncertainty of where you will be living can be a huge relief. As such, we try to make early offers where possible.
    • Early offers can be made at any time throughout the year. However, because we aim to have a balanced student body, we will usually wait until we have a number of applicants before we make the first round of offers. This could potentially happen in the first half of the year.
    • As far as possible, final-round offers will be made in mid-December.
    • After receiving your offer from us, we ask you to indicate whether or not you plan to accept the offer.
    • On receiving your university offer you are required to email or call us to confirm or reject your place.
    • Upon acceptance of your place you will receive a welcome letter and are required to pay a deposit.
    • Places will continue to be offered through January and February should they arise.
    • Additional vacancies will occur following VCE results and also following the allocation by VTAC of first and second round university offers.
    • As such, if you have been placed on the waiting list, you may be offered a place as late as early February.
    • There may also be places open for those who have yet to apply – so feel free to make an inquiry after university placements have been made.
  • Fees

    2019 Fees

    The fees for the residence consist of a refundable bond, a one-off capital levy and a semester fee. The fees are based on a 19-week semester.

    Students make a financial commitment per semester however we have an expectation that students stay for the year. Please see our 2019 Fees Policy for more information.

    The 2019 fees-

    UPFRONT $12,408 (includes 4% discount) $6204 (includes 4% discount)
    FORTNIGHTLY $12,924 $6462


  • Application Form