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The Mary St Post contains news and updates about KSR for alumni, former staff, parents and anyone else interested.

Managers Update

Welcome to our fourth edition of the Mary Street Post – our Friends of KSR e-newsletter!

We all know the popular phrase, “Time flies when you’re having fun” but never have we seen this statement become so true. Life at Res is honestly so much fun and time is flying! It seemed like yesterday that we were welcoming new students and we were planning Orientation activities and yet here we are at the start of Semester 2!  Some of the great highlights over the past few months have been our Family & Friends Day, Christmas in July and the Monday night netball competition. Life at KSR is always a buzz with our 50 students and our amazing support staff we are excited for the Semester ahead here at KSR.

We are keen to see those ex-res students & families join us for the RES FOOTY DAY, Saturday September the 22nd details on our KSR Facebook page. Have a kick or just come along and watch the action!! Additionally, please save the date for our KSR scholarship fund launch on Saturday the 27th of October from 3pm – 5pm- (more information will be sent out soon)

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Winnie & Daniel: Inside the Kitchen

At Kew Student Residence, we take food seriously. Whether it’s a student’s ability to eat 14 Weet-Bix (with oats). Or our in-house chef, Winnie Chen’s ‘Parma Night,’ food is considered as valuable as the video game Fortnite is to the first-year boys.

Feeding 50 students is no small feat. Winnie Chen is very good at what she does. From sourcing bulk avocados and feta to keeping our glycogen stores in check, we have much to be thankful for. She even posts on the student facebook page when lunch is ready! She’s that good!

If you were to walk past the Res kitchen at 4:30 pm each day, you will also see a student working alongside her. Jeremy Thorne, Brooke Marzetti, Lucy Tharratt, Maddie Westbrook and Daniel Lloyd are employed as a Res Kitchen Hand, preparing and serving the remaining elements of dinner. We are all extremely thankful to this team who do a sensational job!

Recently, we caught up with Winnie Chen and Daniel Lloyd to gain an insight into what working together at KSR looks like.

“Dan, what is your favourite meal that Winnie cooks?”

“Look, I would have to say her Raspberry and White Chocolate Pudding. I do prefer when it’s not like milk, but sometimes when I think it looks ready, it obviously isn’t.”

“How about a favourite dinner then?”

“Definitely chicken and rice. But a Parma goes down a treat as well.”

“Winnie, does Dan keep the kitchen clean?”

“He has definitely come a long way, compared to when he first started. At first, Roger my son complained a lot because we had to stay back late and help Dan. But now, he is quite impressive.”

“Winnie, is KSR you favourite job you have ever worked?”

“Of course! I love how family orientated it is. I love it here!”

“Dan, what is it like working for Winnie?”

“It’s honestly a pleasure – I really enjoy it! Sometimes Winnie stays back to help me out, I feel bad, but she never complains. I think she has learnt that I need clear instructions.”

“Last question, who is the better cook?”

Dan: “I’m sort of leaning towards myself. I’m definitely good at putting things in the oven.”

Winnie: “I certainly hope I am.”

We are very thankful for Winnie and the Kitchen Hands! It is often a thankless job, but we hope they know that without them, we would be cooking for ourselves.

And who wants to do that?

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Netball: Autumn Season Review

It was a season of twists and turns as members of the broader Kew community fought it out to see who would take home the Kew Mixed Netball Autumn Season Championship. For the first time, captains hand-picked their team in a riveting draft night. Each captain came away confident that their team had what it takes to bring home the championship, but only one could win.

The season saw many close games, including a draw early on! With the teams so evenly competitive, it was hard to see who would break away. To add some extra excitement, an All-Star Round was introduced with a series of tantalising match-ups. There was Res v Non-Res, an all First-Years match and finally, the All-Star game. It gave the players a nice relief from the highly competitive regular season and allowed some players to try some moves that they would never try in a regular match.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the Grand Final ended up as Crown Jules, led by Julia Malan, and Gabe’s Babes, led by Gabe Cullen. In the end, it was Gabe’s Babe who were victorious, taking home the Championship trophy. They were led by some inspiring performances from Jeremy O’Shannessy and Hetty Munn, who were awarded the ‘Best on Court’ titles.

It was an exciting season, but it is now history as we look forward to the Spring Season!

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Kate Lowe: Great Achievements & New Adventures

I was fortunate enough to receive the New Colombo Plan Scholarship from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. After a very long 2-month wait, receiving the news that I had been selected to represent Australia and the New Colombo Plan in Taiwan for the next 12 months was incredibly exciting! It was a privilege to then be presented the scholarship by Julie Bishop, at Parliament House in November last year.

As an initiative of the Government’s Foreign Policy, the New Colombo Plan aims to strengthen Australia’s relations with our region and enhance our capacity to engage with our Indo-Pacific neighbours in the future. Throughout my time in Taiwan, I’ll also be working to support Australia’s relationship with Taiwan through working with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, managing the Australia Taiwan Youth Association and attending conferences such as the Global Youth Trends Forum.

The first part of my program includes intensive Mandarin language training at Taiwan Mandarin Institute. I’ll then be completing an exchange semester at National Taiwan University – studying Economics, International relations and Mandarin. The final 6 months I will be undertaking internships in businesses, regional organisations and government offices.

I’m very excited to be on the brink of a great adventure – a new culture, language, people and working environment! I am really going to miss everyone in the incredible Kew Baptist Church & Res community, but I’m excited for the adventure that the next 12 months will bring!


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Emily Conley: 2018 Championships


Emily Conley plays Inline Hockey and she is very, very good at it. Representing Australia at the 2017 World Championships in China last year, Emily and the Junior Women team recently returned from the 2018 Championships in Asiagio, Italy. From the 14th – 28th of July, Emily and her team spent majority of their time on the rink versing other countries. The trip involved two training days, where the team spent time on and off the rink forming a strong team dynamic, which Emily highlighted as her favourite part.

The Junior Women’s team came 10th overall, losing the playoff for 9th position to Switzerland in an overtime match (2 – 3). When their hockey sticks were resting, there legs were still moving, wondering and eating their way through the streets of Asiago. Surely Asiago cheese was on the menu!

What a trip! Well done Emily! We look forward to hearing about more of her travels in the near future.

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Simon Hunter: Summer Camp

Ex Res Tim Lloyd, Steph Millar and I had the privilege of volunteering at Timothy Hill Christian Camp in Massachusetts U.S.A. We spent five weeks at the most beautiful campsite in the woods on a huge crystal-clear lake. The camp is directed by Glynn and Jazlyn Chambers. Glynn spending his university years living at KSR and is still friends with many from the ex-Res community. The Chambers have been running these camps for five years now and this was their final summer in the role before returning to Australia. The fruit of their labour is quite extraordinary, with hundreds of different kids, teenagers and adults being significantly impacted through these camps, as well as building a huge new winterised 4-story lodge, which means the campsite is able to be used all year round.

Everyone who came on camp had an absolute blast as there were so many different activities to be a part of including; swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, jumping on the water trampoline in the lake, fishing, messy games, riding horses and a variety of different wide games.

Alongside 9 others on our team, Tim and I were camp leaders/interns for four weeks straight, which involved leading a cabin group each, running devotional sessions, facilitating games and activities and simply looking after some very broken kids.

The camps are very much centred around Jesus and the gospel, as there was a study leader for each week of camp, which generally involved two sessions a day as well as worship time. There was a large variety of kids throughout the four weeks, of different age groups, faith backgrounds and life experiences. Many of which came from very difficult and heartbreaking circumstances and home lives, which all contributed to making the camps an interesting dynamic indeed.  The friendships we made were very special and  we were just thankful to be part of something so significant for many people’s lives.

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