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Emily Conley has some impressive skillz, even more than her fellow resident Daniel Mills. This year she travelled to Nanjing, China with her Inline Hockey Australian team, to compete in the 2017 World Roller Games.


At KSR we think this is a pretty amazing achievement, so we decided to ask her about it!


So, Emily, there is some talk going around that you went to China to compete at 2017 World Roller Games? Tell me about that!

“I went to China, Nanjing to compete in the 2017 Roller World Championships. I play Inline Hockey, which is basically Ice Hockey but on roller blades. We versed teams from New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, India and Italy. We played each team twice and made it to the play off for 3rd against New Zealand. We held New Zealand to 1 – 1 at full time and went into 10 mins of overtime play. Unfortunately, we lost in the last 2 minutes of overtime and came 4th overall.


What was China like? Did you get to see much of the country?


“China was amazing, it was very hot, but not unbearable. I didn’t get to see much of it because of the competition, but I did get to go out with my parents on one of the days. We saw The City Wall of Nanjing which was pretty cool!”


What was your favourite part of the trip?


“My favourite part of the trip was getting to know people from other countries, we got to know both the New Zealand men and women’s team, as well as the German men’s team. I’m super thankful for my time there, and feel really honoured that I was able to represent Australia.”

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New Managers!

Following on from his role as National Universities Coordinator at Red Frogs, Mark Gellie and his wife Amy are preparing for the new challenge of leading the Res. They will bring with them their three children, Briah, Sam and Lewis. Find out more about them

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2016 Annual Report

The Kew Baptist Student Hostel Inc Association is the incorporated association responsible for the management of the Res.
This year’s AGM took place on April 30. To read the reports from the Chair, Managers and Treasurer, click on the image below.

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The Two of Us

The Two of Us – Andy Hunter and Glynn Chambers (2005 – ’06)

Andy Hunter and Glynn Chambers, in many ways, couldn’t be more different.

But their relationship, forged through living together at the Hostel, continues to be strong despite living on different continents in opposite hemispheres.

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KSR Accommodation Scholarship Fund

KSR Accommodation Scholarship Fund

We know that students from rural Australia are at a disadvantage – for a wide range of reasons – in regards to access to, and success in, higher education. Studies have shown the support by way of scholarships for financially disadvantaged students can not only increase the opportunity for further education and improve educational outcomes, but that these scholarships also contribute to their recipients’ improved self-efficacy and contribution to society.

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Ruach: Writings from the Breath of Creativity and Spirituality (Zoe Boyle ’15 and Marny Croot ’11-’12)

Zoe and Marny were part of the very first cohort of NEXT students at Whitley College in 2015. Now in just its third year, NEXT has had nine former KSR students undertake the course. As part of the course, Zoe and Marny contributed to a book of creative works called Ruach: Writings from the Breath of Creativity and Spirituality. We offer a piece from each of them here…

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