Simon Hunter: Summer Camp

Ex Res Tim Lloyd, Steph Millar and I had the privilege of volunteering at Timothy Hill Christian Camp in Massachusetts U.S.A. We spent five weeks at the most beautiful campsite in the woods on a huge crystal-clear lake. The camp is directed by Glynn and Jazlyn Chambers. Glynn spending his university years living at KSR and is still friends with many from the ex-Res community. The Chambers have been running these camps for five years now and this was their final summer in the role before returning to Australia. The fruit of their labour is quite extraordinary, with hundreds of different kids, teenagers and adults being significantly impacted through these camps, as well as building a huge new winterised 4-story lodge, which means the campsite is able to be used all year round.

Everyone who came on camp had an absolute blast as there were so many different activities to be a part of including; swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding, jumping on the water trampoline in the lake, fishing, messy games, riding horses and a variety of different wide games.

Alongside 9 others on our team, Tim and I were camp leaders/interns for four weeks straight, which involved leading a cabin group each, running devotional sessions, facilitating games and activities and simply looking after some very broken kids.

The camps are very much centred around Jesus and the gospel, as there was a study leader for each week of camp, which generally involved two sessions a day as well as worship time. There was a large variety of kids throughout the four weeks, of different age groups, faith backgrounds and life experiences. Many of which came from very difficult and heartbreaking circumstances and home lives, which all contributed to making the camps an interesting dynamic indeed.  The friendships we made were very special and  we were just thankful to be part of something so significant for many people’s lives.