Winnie & Daniel: Inside the Kitchen

At Kew Student Residence, we take food seriously. Whether it’s a student’s ability to eat 14 Weet-Bix (with oats). Or our in-house chef, Winnie Chen’s ‘Parma Night,’ food is considered as valuable as the video game Fortnite is to the first-year boys.

Feeding 50 students is no small feat. Winnie Chen is very good at what she does. From sourcing bulk avocados and feta to keeping our glycogen stores in check, we have much to be thankful for. She even posts on the student facebook page when lunch is ready! She’s that good!

If you were to walk past the Res kitchen at 4:30 pm each day, you will also see a student working alongside her. Jeremy Thorne, Brooke Marzetti, Lucy Tharratt, Maddie Westbrook and Daniel Lloyd are employed as a Res Kitchen Hand, preparing and serving the remaining elements of dinner. We are all extremely thankful to this team who do a sensational job!

Recently, we caught up with Winnie Chen and Daniel Lloyd to gain an insight into what working together at KSR looks like.

“Dan, what is your favourite meal that Winnie cooks?”

“Look, I would have to say her Raspberry and White Chocolate Pudding. I do prefer when it’s not like milk, but sometimes when I think it looks ready, it obviously isn’t.”

“How about a favourite dinner then?”

“Definitely chicken and rice. But a Parma goes down a treat as well.”

“Winnie, does Dan keep the kitchen clean?”

“He has definitely come a long way, compared to when he first started. At first, Roger my son complained a lot because we had to stay back late and help Dan. But now, he is quite impressive.”

“Winnie, is KSR you favourite job you have ever worked?”

“Of course! I love how family orientated it is. I love it here!”

“Dan, what is it like working for Winnie?”

“It’s honestly a pleasure – I really enjoy it! Sometimes Winnie stays back to help me out, I feel bad, but she never complains. I think she has learnt that I need clear instructions.”

“Last question, who is the better cook?”

Dan: “I’m sort of leaning towards myself. I’m definitely good at putting things in the oven.”

Winnie: “I certainly hope I am.”

We are very thankful for Winnie and the Kitchen Hands! It is often a thankless job, but we hope they know that without them, we would be cooking for ourselves.

And who wants to do that?