2016 Annual Report

The Kew Baptist Student Hostel Inc Association is the incorporated association responsible for the management of the Res.
This year’s AGM took place on April 30. To read the reports from the Chair, Managers and Treasurer, click on the image below.

The following is a brief recap of the AGM from Chair of the Association, Peter Todd:

The Kew Student Residence Association held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 30 April 2017 at Kew Baptist Church.  At the meeting the following officers for the committee of management were elected:

Peter Todd, Chairperson

Sheila King, Secretary

Ryan Harper, Treasurer

James Hayes, Deputy Chair and Committee Member

Amy Hunter, Committee Member

The annual reports were tabled and received by the meeting. These included reports from the the Chair, the Managers Stephen and Anouchka Chatelier and the Treasurer.  This included the draft budget for 2017 for information.  The meeting reflected on the continuing success of KSR as a vital ministry of the Kew Baptist Church.   If any member of the congregation is interested in a copy of the annual report these can be obtained from Sheila King, Secretary.

The financial report was also discussed and adopted.  The finances are in a sound state with a stable level of profit being made.  These profits are used to reinvest into the ministry of the KSR.

There was discussion about the new scholarship program to support students who might otherwise be unable to afford the full cost of accommodation to attend university in Melbourne. This will enable alumni and friends of KSR to participate in the ministry of the student residence through tax-deductible gifts managed through a trust fund.  The fund has already been established through generous donations to meet the $20,000 startup threshold.   There will be further information on the scholarship and opportunities for participating in this exciting extension of the ministry of KSR.

This was the last annual general meeting for Stephen and Anouchka Chatelier.  The meeting recognized their very significant ministry and service to KSR and the students over the last 4 and a half years.  The Church and KSR will be holding a number of events to celebrate and thank them for their ministry in the coming weeks.  Further information will be provided soon.

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