2018 KSR Footy Day

On the 23rd of September, we had our annual Kew Footy Day at Victoria Park in Collingwood. What a great weekend it was! With near perfect weather and a very good turnout, the day was a real success. It was awesome to see lots of people who have not been around the Kew community for some time, getting involved and being able to meet others who are now part of the Church or the Res. Male and female teams Res, Ex Res and Church all competed for the label of Footy Day Champions.

The ladies battled it in a solid competition, which was a privilege to watch. Although a strong westerly breeze was causing havoc amongst the congestion of play, it did not stop the likes of Grace Walker, Tara Pederson and Marny Croot bulldozing their way through packs and gaining ground for their team. In a tight contest Church/Ex Res won the battle, prevailing as 2 point winners, with Hannah Poustie judged best on field. Well done girls!!

With the Res boys team going for four in a row, there was a lot of expectation on the boys! The matching guernseys, fake tans, ridiculous haircuts and an ego that suggested that they had already won it, proved for nothing when they were given a hiding by the Church Team in the first round. The likes of Tim Campbell and Tim Hunter were much too silky, with the Church Team very comfortably making the grand final. Ex Res were competitive, but lack the finesse of the other two teams. The final was a tight battle! Mark Gellie and Simon Hunter toiled hard, providing many chances for the forwards to try and out a score on the board. Benji Taylor’s 100 goals in a season counted for nothing, reminding us all of Travis Cloke. We needed a new avenue: The Italian Stallion. Richie Bon produced an unbelievable goal in the pocket to give Res their fourth victory in a row. Well done Richie!! It was a great turnout. A big thanks to everyone who was involved! The Gellie’s did an amazing job organising their first footy day!


Written by Tim Lloyd