Community Life – Achievements


Emily Conley one of our second year students last year was given the opportunity to travel to Nanjing, China with her Inline Hockey team, to compete in the World Roller Games representing Australia.

At KSR we think this is a pretty amazing achievement, so we decided to ask her about it!

So, Emily, there is some talk going around that you went to China to compete at the World Roller Games? Tell me about that!
“I went to China, Nanjing to compete in the Roller World Championships. I play Inline Hockey, which is basically Ice Hockey but on roller blades. We versed teams from New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, India and Italy. We played each team twice and made it to the play off for 3rd against New Zealand. We held New Zealand to 1 – 1 at full time and went into 10 mins of overtime play. Unfortunately, we lost in the last 2 minutes of overtime and came 4th overall.

What was China like? Did you get to see much of the country? “China was amazing, it was very hot, but not unbearable. I didn’t get to see much of it because of the competition, but I did get to go out with my parents on one of the days. We saw The City Wall of Nanjing which was pretty cool!”

 What was your favourite part of the trip?

 “My favourite part of the trip was getting to know people from other countries, we got to know both the New Zealand men and women’s team, as well as the German men’s team. I’m super thankful for my time there, and feel really honoured that I was able to represent Australia.”