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Community Life – Establishing O Groups

What better way to get to know the strangers you’ve just moved in with than being locked in a room together and having a timed challenge to figure out your escape or jumping in a mini-van and going on a road trip to Geelong!

In line with one of our Res Shared Values, Care, we aim to provide a supportive caring environment for everyone one of our residents and in particular our new students as they settle into residential community and Melbourne life.  One of the key ways we do so is through O Groups for new students which take place during the first few months of Res.  New students are split into two guys and two girls groups lead by RLCs and House members and supported by our Student Leaders.

This year the groups kicked off during O’Week with a quick get to know you session.  Over the following four weeks activities ranged from a Master Chef inspired dessert challenge, an outing to a roof top bar in the city, a session at Bounce, games and movie nights, city-light spotting, ice-cream crawls and a trip to the MCG to watch AFL football matches. One group even took on the challenge of an Escape Room Game together while another group piled in a mini-van and drove to Geelong to watch one of our residents, Dan Rock, preform with his band Gymnastics in the Seventies.  The activities are designed to break the ice, help people get to know each other and feel comfortable in the local and wider Melbourne community.

At the end of the first month all our residents had a special supper at the managers’ flat and then were issued the challenge of coming up with a creative performance for part of our annual Res Family Day event.  One of the first year girl care groups charmed everyone with a rendition of the famous “Cups” song while the other broadcasted a live “KSR News” segment full of the choicest Res news.  The second year girls wrote, choreographed and filmed a comical Res version of Adele’s “Hello” and the second year boys produced a hilarious film giving everyone an insight into “A Week in the Life of a Second Year Boy”.  Overall the parents were highly entertained and loved the opportunity to get a glimpse into what life at Res was like!  While the Care groups have now officially disbanded they proved to be a popular and successful way to connect and support our new students.

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