Managers Update

We often get asked the question, “have you all settled into Res yet?”, and we must admit that sometimes it catches us by surprise when we realise that we are still relatively new to this community!  We actually feel far more than settled — we feel completely at home and ‘part of the furniture’, so to speak. Since the last Mary St Post (Edition 2), we had a wonderful end to Semester 2 last year, full of so many fun and engaging events and memorable times. Footy Day, Formal, End of Year break up, and the closing service were a few of the highlights. It was really sad to farewell to last year’s second year students, but we have loved seeing some of them around KBC and having them visit Res from time to time.

So we are now in 2018 and have had the joy of welcoming back 21 returning students. After catching up with the second year students for pizza at the park, we had 29 new students and their families join the Res community on our official welcoming day. The place was buzzing with excitement and conversation as new friendships began forming. A few parents shed some tears, but joy was the overarching theme for the day as a new chapter began for so many families. We shared a delicious lunch together and then enjoyed the opening service, which was a celebration of things to come.

All of the students have settled in really well and we have been so impressed with how well they are already involving themselves in so many aspects of Res life. The culture feels extremely positive as they continue to develop as a community. Orientation week (O week) was a lot of fun as the students explored different parts of Melbourne and their new local area. Before the Easter break, we had a special Easter dinner together and celebrated the significance of this holiday. Fast approaching is our Family and Friends Day, which will again be a great event on the KSR calendar for the community and the families of the students to gather together around a meal and some social sport.