Meet Molly

From passionate coriander objectors, to great artists, Kew Student Residence (KSR) celebrates all people. And this time round, we are talking art with Molly Hodgson. Undoubtedly, Molly Hodgson is one of our greats. Although Molly hates coriander, she is a very good artist. Molly is Victorian College of the Arts worthy (they only accept 120 students per year) and look, that’s pretty darn good! So, to make us sound like we know how to newsletter at KSR, we decided to ask her about her everyday ponderings and how she creates such good-looking art!

Molly, you can seriously draw! Have you always been this good?

(“Yes!” I enthusiastically say) But she actually replies, “Obviously not. It has been a long process of learning how to create, and to create well. Art is an everyday thing, you have to put in the work daily to develop your own style. No one in my family can draw, or is slightly creative, so it was really my own process. I love it, it’s a way of life for me.”

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I guess saying ‘it’s a way of life for me’ can be a bit of a throwaway line, so how is art intertwined into your everyday?

“I live a messy life,” Molly says, “My room is often trashed and I’m never anywhere on time. I also don’t stick well to time limits on my work, but my art work is always clean and precise. My art work is organised but my life isn’t. So I guess you could say that I take on two personas. I also think differently because I’m creating so frequently. I’m not a logical thinker at all, which is often to my demise, but I like that I’m a tad wacky.”

When did you know that this was something you wanted to pursue?

My Mum says I was drawing from age three and that I could actually draw, like not scribble. All through Primary School my parents really encouraged me to keep drawing. By High School I had a good idea it was something I wanted to pursue as a career.”

How do you respond to criticism of your work?

 “I have been told so many times to change my style. People often say to me ‘your drawing is too graphic and it needs to be more flowy’. So I tried to go a little more ‘flowy’ and my tutors didn’t like it. So now I do what I love to do. It doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to what they say, it just means that I’m comfortable in my style. At the moment, I am focusing on death and the country, and the impact my drawings have on people who aren’t from the country.”

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 Where to now?

 “I would love to open a print making studio back home. That’s my long-term dream. The closest print making studio from Wodonga (Molly’s home town) is Canberra or Melbourne. I want to give rural artists the same opportunity that I had in Melbourne. Short term, I am moving back to Wodonga after studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts for the last two years. I am hoping to pursue teaching so I can share what I’ve learnt with others, and hopefully, in my dream studio.”

 You can check out her art work here: more to see

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She’s brilliant! I know!

Written by Emily Black